About Rimrock Gallery

Rimrock Gallery opened its doors in Prineville, Oregon!

The new 2,734 square foot art gallery celebrated its grand opening on August 3rd, 2019. The public enjoyed viewing the collection of original paintings and bronze sculpture by artists from the western states and beyond, including Canada and New Zealand.

The gallery represents established painters and bronze sculptors who are represented multi-state in galleries, museums and major art shows.  The second Saturday of each month has been established as the 'Second Saturday Event', which features one or more artists.  Often the featured artists demo their techniques for the public to enjoy.  Click on 'News' for the featured art info.

Rett Ashby, Utah
Willo Balfrey, California
Meagan Blessing, Montana
Laurel Buchanan, Oregon
Pamela Claflin, Oregon
Rod Frederick, Oregon
Lane Hall, Oregon
Ginny Harding, Washington
Steven Homsher, Colorado
Ralph James, North Carolina
Gretha Lindwood, Oregon
Jim McVicker, California
Robert Moore, Idaho
Lindsay Scott, New Zealand & Zimbabwe
Melanie Thompson, Washington
Randall Tillery, Oregon
Craig Zuger, Oregon

Guest Artists:
Gene Costanza, Oregon
Michele Usibelli, Washington
Shelly Wierzba, Oregon

Rodd Ambroson, Oregon
Richard Loffler, Canada & Montana
Cammie Lundeen, Colorado
George Lundeen, Colorado
Mark Lundeen, Colorado
Tim Norman, Idaho
Stefan Savides, Oregon

Pamela Claflin, owner, founded and managed the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, OR, from 1989 to 2007.  She sold it to the current owner, Jim Peterson.  She spent her childhood in Prineville, growing up below Ochoco Dam. She recalls the times when she and her three brothers would take turns staying home from school to irrigate the twin pastures. Years later, Pamela says, “her 'claim to fame' is that Les Schwab purchased the farm she grew up on!  He filmed his beef commercials on those same twin pastures."  A year ago, Pamela moved back to her childhood home town, and upon seeing a perfect building available she remodeled it and opened the new Rimrock Gallery.

Pamela’s son, Craig Harvey, will be working the gallery also. He left a career of defense contracting, which involved travel to many parts of the world to join in on the exciting beginning of a fine art gallery in Prineville. The gallery is located on 3rd St/Hwy 26 and Deer Street across from McDonald's, and will be open six days a week, closed on Mondays. It has convenient off-street parking with several spaces at the front door. 

405A NW 3rd Street
Prineville, OR 97754