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Brodrick Awarded In Bold Brush Competition

JM Brodrick was awarded "Outstanding Acrylic" for her 'Dream Walker' 24 x 30 painting in the December 2020 Bold Brush Painting Competition

"Summer In The Middle of Winter" show now open!

We thought it would be fun to have some summer themed paintings in the middle of winter to lighten up our lives.  Gene Costanza brought his Metolius River piece captured at the fish hatchery, Craig Zuger brought his large painting of the view from Post, looking out at the river valley and Robert Moore sent a lovely water lily piece.  Gretha Lindwood captured fields of flowers and JM Brodrick caught a heron flying low over a serene pond.  The list goes [...]

Paintings by JM Brodrick and Jim McVicker in ARC Salon Finalists

The Art Renewal Center is pleased to announce that we have posted our roster of semi-finalists competing in the 15th International ARC Salon Competition. We received 4,941 entries this year from 83 countries. 40%, 1,977 works have been selected as semi-finalists.The roster consists of the artistsí names, titles of works, categories the works qualified in, and the artistsí nationalities. Another roster of our finalists will be posted on December 9th, and the images of all of our semi-finalists [...]

Savides & Weeks Monument Sculpture at Favell Museum

These two outstanding artists have worked together to create a bronze that will commemorate the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin tribes of the Klamath area.  This will be the first of its kind and has already encouraged a link of communication of the tribes with the museum.  The sculpture depics a tribal elder assisting in a youth's rite of passage ceremony which involves retrieving an eagle tail feather from a live mature eagle.  He and a young boy hide in a hole in the ground [...]

Stefan Savides featured in Roger Tory Peterson Institute

Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, NY:  One Man Show   August - December, 2020 - Stefan's career started as a well known taxidermist for over 40 years, and developed into his current passion, bronze!......the sculpting of birds, first in clay, then cast into permanent bronze sculptures......from tiny humming birds to magnificent eagles!  Stefan was recently featured in the prestigious magazine.....Western Art & [...]

Willo Balfrey Wins Pastel Artists of Oregon Award

Willo was awarded the 'Holbein Award' in the 2020 International Juried Exhibition, a virtual show judged by Nationally and Internationally acclaimed pastelist, Richard McKinley.  The pastel painting, "A Moment In Time", also was juried into the 2020 Pastel Society of America Show in New York City. This painting is now available for purchase at Rimrock Gallery in Prineville, OR, info:  [...]

Willo Balfrey Juried Into the 2020 Pastel Society of America Show

Virtual Show Opened September 8th in New York