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Fran Kievet

Color has always been a fascination for Fran Kievet.  As a child she would melt crayons on the stove to watch what amazing colors would emerge.  After high school Fran moved from a small rural town in Oregon to the big city of Portland to take art classes at Portland State.  She procured a job at a department store in graphics and advertising. After travel and raising her family, Fran added part-time classes to her agenda and also workshops from national artists.  

Fran has been observing, questioning, analyzing, and practicing her visual arts.  "Whatever the subject matter, for me it is foremost design of the main shapes and then color that rules.  I am driven by the need to understand and master the subtleties and comlexities of both while maintaining expertise of the materials and methods of which I am using."

Fran's participation in national and regional shows has taken her to much of the Western States and several national galleries.  She delights in working on location to establish a rough draft of her idea or to later complete in her studio.  Fran at Yellowstone National Park. . .

"Throughout my years of painting, I have experimented with a variety of media and methods.  Each painting is a journey in itself and has been created with the intent to speak to the heart of another fellow being." Kievet's mediums of choice are oil and pastel, and she enjoys the challenges of varied subjects including:  figurative, landscapes, seascapes, florals and wildlife.