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J. M. Brodrick

"I am a painter working towards merging my need for realism with the beauty of pure abstract."

Brodrick's paintings include a wide range of themes from the beauty of old growth forests to city scenes, birds, animals and people.  Her works are described as serene and peaceful but can include both drama and poetic tenderness along with a unique softness and graceful sense of beauty.  Her use of color laid over each other result in hues that seem to glow from within, playing one color off the other in harmony much as a composer would use combinations of notes to form a symphony. 
Brodrick studied painting in her youth and received her first scholarship at the age of 13. Her Grandmother, who was a professional artist from Finland, guided her love of the arts and nurtured her into a working artist environment.
"My Grandmother helped me connect with other artists and shaped me at an early age to express myself with painting."

In 1977, Brodrick moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, where the rugged lifestyle and freedom of the open country inspired her to further develop her artistic talents.  She now lives in Oregon where she is surrounded by the habitat and beauty of the Northwest.