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Rod Frederick

Born in Salem, Oregon, Rod has grown up with animals…..from a menagerie of home pets to a combination biology and fine arts degree at Willamette University in Oregon. Artistic influences shaped Rod’s boyhood: his mother had a degree in fine art and his father, a lawyer, spent weekends at the easel in a home full of animals. It was entirely natural for Rod to combine his interests in art and animals into a career as a wildlife artist. The outdoors seem at odds with the wild character of this artist, who is as famous for his paintings as he is for his sense of humor and interesting shirts!

Frederick now goes beyond the domesticated variety of animals to seek out wildlife in its natural environment. His curiosity about animals and his own dedication to realism dictate the way he works: devouring reading material about a particular species, photographing and sketching, and devoting large amounts of time to research in the field.

Frederick built his home in the Central Oregon wilderness and filled it with birds and animals. He has hiked and camped in mountains and forests throughout the Northwest US, Central America and East Africa. He knows the lakes and mountains as well as he knows the plains and deserts, and the creatures that live there, from the smallest bird to the giant elephant.

“Collectors like the natural colors and the moods I create in my work. They say it is ‘very realistic’, and that is what I am looking for.”

Frederick’s originals and limited edition prints have been published and sold in galleries nationally by the prestigious Greenwich Workshop of Greenwich, CT.

Original Oils Represented In:  Rimrock Gallery, Prineville, OR