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Meagan Blessing


Meagan Blessing is an oil painter living and working with her husband in their mountain studio near the Chugach National Forest in Alaska.  She grew up exploring backcountry wilderness areas on foot and horseback throughout the western United States.

"My paintings are somewhat experimental because I love to try new ideas and techniques in the same way I enjoy exploring different places. Making art is like going on an adventure. There is always something extraordinary to be discovered through the creative process, and each painting takes me on a journey."

Today, Meagan’s love of remote places informs her work.  Her 'Modern Wild' series features wildlife subjects rendered in a contemporary realist style, set with abstract backgrounds.  Utilizing color, light and design, her work evokes a sense of wonder while exploring the connection between the viewer and the wild and ethereal subjects she paints.

Meagan's work has been shown in national exhibitions, including:  The Russell: Exhibition at the C. M. Russell Museum; The Russell: Art in Action, Great Falls, MT;  The Mountain Oyster Club Art Show & Sale in Tucson, AZ;  Art In The West: High Desert Museum, Bend, OR;  Out West Art Show & Sale, Great Falls, MT; Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show, Cheyenne, WY; America’s Horse In Art Exhibition: AQHA Museum, Amarillo, TX.

Meagan has been featured in publications including:

Western Art & Architecture, Big Sky Journal, Western Art Collector, and Southwest Art Magazines.

Represented By Galleries In:  Jackson, WY:  Santa Fe, NM;  Bozeman, MT;  Victor, MT;  Anchorage, AK;  Prineville, OR